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We are a Texas DIR Vendor!

Texas DIR is a streamlined technology purchasing program for State and Local Government, including education agencies and public school districts, as well as other public entities in Texas and outside of the State.

DIR Contract Number DIR-CPO-4983
DIR Vendor ID 14525843414

Double Line Inc offers deliverables-based information technology services (DBITS) through this contract, specifically:

  1. Technology Category 3:
    1. IT Assessments
    2. Planning
    3. Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)
    4. Market Research
    5. Procurement Advisory
    6. Contract Implementation Services

To discuss use of our DIR contract, obtain quotes or purchase orders, or related topics, please contact Chris Porter, Director of Sales, [email protected] or (512) 969-9512.

In the ordering process, a Statement of Work will be created and the resulting Purchase Order must reference the DIR contract number. For more information, please see the DIR DBITS page. For more information on the DIR Co-op Contract Program, please see the Cooperative Contracts Overview page on the Texas Department of Information Resources website.